Highlights so far – Xian


We have had some fantastic food, especially when ordered by our guide! We have not faired quite so well on the ordering front. We have a fixed cost for lunch and as Claire hasn’t been drinking the domestic beer, I have been drinking her glass! Some fantastic beef dishes, DJ had some good Sweet and Sour on the way to see the Terracotta warriors.


We ventured out in Xian in the evening to do some wandering, shopping (especially in air conditioned shops). We walked back after dinner via the square and watched everyone having fun dancing, rollerblading and playing badminton on Friday night.


The city wall is majorly impressive


The high speed CRH train from Xian to Beijing travelling at a constant 282 km/h most of the way. Very comfortable in the “soft seats” – catering was a little limiting, but we stocked up from the hotel buffet at 5.30am this morning so had plenty of waffles, croissants and fruit to keep us going to Beijing.


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