Guest Post – DJ


This holiday has been great but there are some problems…

First the delay from Shanghai to Chengdu with east China airways was 4 hours.

Secondly the food, the food isn’t great here and there are some really disgusting things such as the tofu hot pot in Chengdu I had half a bowl of it then later that night got a burger from room service.

Then there was the “Chicken” it was strange because it was just a tiny bit of meat on a huge bone in batter later the next day we found out it was Chicken feet
I ate Chicken feet!!!!!!!!!
As well as some bad things there has been lots of good things like the hotel in Xi’an some of the food is really nice the Terracotta warriors were amazing, the perl tower was great Shanghai was great all together.

All the guides have been great so far but the best was Helen she was so nice and helpful.

There is one more problem that we are all so tired because we have so much to do in the day and not enough sleep!

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