Daily Archives: July 13, 2013

Airline delays


There is no significance to this post of this photo!

We have made 2 short hop flights in China so far.

  • Shanghai to Chengdu
  • Chengdu to Xian.

Both have been delayed between 1-4 hours due to air traffic control issues.

The very annoying thing is there seems to be no way of estimating when a flight will take off and the updates include a general apology saying that they will update you later.

The quality of service, checkin etc with China Eastern who we have used on both flights is absolutely fine and I would be happy to recommend. But just don’t do any internal flights on a tight deadline.

China e-commerce dragon

I have been amazed by the level of smartphone adoption in China while here for the first week of our holiday. Many people have at least 2 phones here (smartphone and regular) but in addition to this I can see a massive e-commerce opportunity in China.

Our adoption curve in the UK is probably better than anywhere else in the world due to delivery proximity, I hear that Amazon UK outperforms Amazon UK on a per capita basis.

So here are some interesting facts from Techinasia.com about 2013 and e-commerce adoption.


In addition, online penetration continues to grow.


Even 242m shoppers online is quite a large market.

So I plan to speak to a number of companies I am involved in to see how they can exploit the Chinese Dragon.