The Chinese Diet


Normally on holiday it is a time to forget the diet and enjoy yourselves.

Certainly at Diet Chef we believe in making dieting enjoyable and remove the chore from losing weight.

Another option is to holiday in China. Slightly more expensive than the £5.25 per day that Diet Chef costs.

The major issue is removing choice, we have only really been able to eat a few of the options on the menu, we have deliberately tried to keep away from the tourist options.

The menus choices in Sichuan have included:

  • Boiled Rabbit head
  • Donkey
  • Chicken Gullet
  • Bullfrog
  • Brain

All quite delicious if you are used to it, but a little more than any of us can stomach. We have found some really lovely dishes including Steamed egg, fab soups and great dumplings.


But certainly by limiting some choice I have lost a few pounds…

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