After a lazy morning today we are heading to the Giant Budda. I shot the picture above from the back of the tour bus (sorry for the rainy focus). Probably the biggest Dior store I have seen outside Paris!

Chengdu is much more of an industrial city than I thought. It seems a good mix of business, tourism and general living. Possibly more like China than anywhere else we have been so far.

When I thought of China before this trip it was a place to buy goods to sell in the West, but now it is much more of a market in its own right.

As I mentioned in my earlier post I think selling your goods or services in China is much more what the future is about. If there is 150 million “middle class” consumers in China then they all want what we want – cars, brands, fashion and electronics.

More than anything they want all the brands (and a lot of them are already here). So far I have seen a plethora of Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Subway, Macdonald’s, Pizza Hut , etc.

Chengdu seems very relaxed and has a good standard of living for the residents.

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