Dining in China

We certainly are changing our views on what the Chinese will eat while on this trip.

Firstly although the food is fantastic we are struggling slightly with the translations and also difference between “hot” and “cold” dishes when ordering.

We keep salivating at the pictures in the menus but then get slightly disappointed when something cold comes out of the kitchen. There certainly is a variety of things to eat. Turtle, Donkey, Chicken (whole with head!) and Duck gullets have been spotted so far.

Freyja has smiled a lot when we have mentioned Pizza Hut or Macdonald but so far we have avoided these and gorged on the hotel breakfast buffet and then experimented quite a bit while out.


A good selection last night and Claire and I have had to put a brave face on and eat things that we would normally turn our nose up at and keep a stiff upper lip!

I am quite a fan of dumplings and dim sum, but the novelty earned when we lived in California has worn off a little now.


Here is a nice pork dish (with Ginger) that we ordered – lots of nice bones to chew on…yum! DJ is becoming a big fan of dumplings too and finished off a large bowl with dumplings yesterday


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