Couple of days in

It has been pretty hot here in Shanghai, but very enjoyable.

We started after our rest day feeling pretty good. Sunday we had a busy schedule Yu Garden, Oriental Pearl Tower, The Bund and Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition.

That was a bit of a mammoth day, our guide Vivian, picked us up promptly at the hotel at 9am and as it was Sunday traffic was better. We pushed into the Urban Planning Exhibition first with about 45 minutes there. Very interesting to see a model quite that size!


We then headed to the Bund, the European buildings along the river. Very impressive and quite busy with locals and visitors. Freyja and DJ because visitor attractions for a few people and there were quite a few requests for photos (especially of DJ!).


We stopped at a little (air conditioned – thanks god!) restaurant on the Bund and had a nice selection for lunch. We have an allowance included but we have struggled to eat so much so we need to think about pacing ourselves a little.

Yu Garden next, some photos which show it better than I can describe.

Next stop for the day was the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, slightly worrying for DJ and his fear of heights but not sure if this is really much more than for effect! Rest of the day was at the Jade Buddha Temple, where we were cured of all out ailments with a cup of tea.


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