Daily Archives: July 5, 2013

BA First Class

OK, after saving 7 years worth of air miles, we are travelling to China First Class for around £2,500. Not bad when you consider the flights would cost £28,000 for the four of us without air miles.

The kids are quite excited, as noted by the photos below, but to be honest I am not sure it is that great an experience so far.

There is only so much room you need on a flight – any business class for me seems more than adequate (especially since I am a shorty!). Here are a few photos from the experience so far….




Mobile blogging

I am going to try and use this for some mobile blogging.
I am not sure that this will work but as i will have my mobile with me as a camera it will be interesting to try and blog on the go. Forgive the typos but this is live from the plane!