Andy Murray school of start-ups

I can’t really let Wimbledon go by without using it to talk about start-ups, marketing and growing your business in context of Tennis!

There is a perception that people start businesses to get rich – but most people get involved in starting their own company either because no one will employ them – or they like the “tournament” that is running a company.

What I like about Andy Murray is that he isn’t a “character” – lots of programmes like the Apprentice and lots of conferences I have been have “superstar” business people who are not like you or I. Apart from being fantastically dedicated to tennis and wanting to win, Andy Murray could be the guy you sit next to on the train or plane.

He might have had a reputation of not really been worried about his public PR image – but he is worried about assembling the best team and winning.

Using experience and challenge with your team – like Ivan Lendl – experience is a great partner in growing any business.

But at the end of the day, it is you out there on the centre court and like the match yesterday, it is about making some mistakes, then digging in to succeed – there are no shortcuts to this. It’s about hard work, focus, dedication and making mistakes!

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