Not the “Scottish play” the “Scottish debate”

It is less than a year until the referendum in Scotland about independence and it is beginning to hit the agenda of both personal and business communities.

I am reserving my position until the debate has actually happened rather than using purely views based on my “heart”.

It is a major subject though – both for the Scottish business community but also for how we are perceived in our connected partner in the rest of the UK.

I am writing this while on board a flight to London Heathrow, where I typically spend one to two days every few weeks. The majority of our suppliers are in the rest of the UK and although I love living in Edinburgh (having lived in Palo Alto, Nethybridge and Ellesmere port – glamour eh!). As a family we specifically decided to move back from the highlands of Scotland due to educational and quality of life issues (I spent a vast amount of time in London or Edinburgh and the north of Scotland is quite a commute!).

I was born in Edinburgh and I am very proud of my roots. There are huge advantages in standing out from the crowd worldwide because we are from Scotland. Whether that was in the city where a number of fund managers were also Scottish or in Palo Alto where being from Scotland was unusual and had very fond memories of golf, whisky and stunning history.

The world is mega connected now, we trade with Europe and the rest of the UK electronically. We have the advantage in e-commerce of being a net exporter of goods, but logically we are not ideally located for some of these activities. I don’t believe Amazon would have located logically in Scotland without the intervention of state funding.

So I am looking forward to the debate, and unlike the acting community I think talking about it is the best thing to do – let the debate commence!

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