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The team at Diet Chef have spent the last two days (and weeks of planning before hand) shooting our new TV ad.

Well done to the whole production team for getting everything done on time. My daughter, Freyja came along on day one of shooting thinking it was going to be really exciting like the movies – we soon knocked that out of her!

Explaining to one of her friends younger sisters (about 11 years old) the hierarchy of production we explained that the producer worked with the director (who was in charge) and there was only one person more powerful than the director – who was that she asked?. The CLIENT! I said, she turned to her mum and said – “When I grow up I want to be a client” then I can boss my friend about who wants to be a director!!”

On a serious note, you must ensure that you are getting exactly what you want out of any TV ad, and using the creative team to help deliver that. Make sure you shoot as much footage as you can, otherwise getting the team and equipment back to the same location will be an expensive exercise.

Here’s a few photos from the two days


Crammed into a shop!


The monitor – you will watch this a lot!


Lighting is very important


Spend as long as possible on casting

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