And launch…

On the 30th March I met with a great guy called Ryan. he run’s a company called, which is a really early stage startup in the food sector.

Three months later (that isn’t that long you know) the following has happened:


We invested in the business to take it to the next stage, this was a bit of a risk, but sometimes you meet someone that needs some help and you want to help out, it isn’t just about the financial investment.


We spent a few days thinking about the strategy and problems that the consumer and producers in this segment have. We looked to other businesses in this space and Ryan did some market research and a competitors review.


The technology platform was OK, but we wanted it to be great – and really scalable with the order flow that was planned (a lot!) so we moved this to a new platform.


Probably a hard thing to do but Ryan was tasked to find some lovely suppliers to work with that could handle the launch campaign – it started running today on Groupon

To be honest I didn’t do much of the above, apart from the odd coffee here or there.

But the journey begins here, good luck to Ryan and the team, I am glad to help out.

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