UK Retail sector penetration

It started with DVD, music and other consumer products but online retailers (and in fact retailers on the high street!) that focus on these segments have dwindled.

Adoption of these purchases has happened, most consumers will but products like these online and have for the last 5 years. Amazon owns this market and if I want to buy a book, DVD or CD I always use Amazon, it just works

So I picked up a really interested graph in Ocado’s annual return. This is 2010 so a little out of date but a good dataset point.

If you are setting up online you really want to focus on the areas where online retail penetration is low, this gives you a great chance to grow and compete against the main stream retailers.

In Grocery we have to remember that the convenience of having your Groceries delivered is different from being in a link between Health and Beauty and Grocery – this is where Diet Chef sits


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