Cash isn’t an excuse…Go Do

I have been thinking a lot about the fear factors that sit in front of entrepreneurs who start businesses.

The fear of failure is top of the list, we hate the thought of failing – especially in public.

The issue now comes when you have removed some of the excuses, I listened in my 20’s (a long time ago) to some great tapes (yes before CDs) on sales performance. The difference between a good sales person and an average one is someone who commits and puts the excuses to the back of their mind

This is probably best expressed in Glengarry GlenRoss a 1990’s film (before any major CGI – so there was a story!) based on the story of four real estate salesmen.

One of the main characters Alec Baldwin talks about the prize of sales.

So one of the major reasons companies use as an excuse for selling is the lack of funding. As of yesterday 18 companies had that excuse removed, they were given over £700,000 to allow them to succeed. So guys, watch this video and make Alec your boss for a few weeks.

That’s a really good example of #GoDo

Finally, we all believe in you and know you can succeed, don’t let the quality of leads be an excuse….

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