Why I love QVC!

We were lucky enough in 2009 to just get a call from a lovely buyer at QVC UK. One of the team had seen our advert on TV and believed we could work with them to bring Diet Chef to their audience.

Apart from the excitement (OK we had watched the cringy apprentice shows when they sell on TV shopping) we thought we should find out more and took a trip behind the scenes at QVC to find out more.

The first thing we found out is how professional the operation is, QVC is by far the market leader in the UK and have invested over the last 20 years in the UK, they have a hugely loyal customer base that love them.


There are a few principles of home shopping you should learn. You are measured by how the customer respond to the offer and it is LIVE TV so you need to have a deep product understanding and be able to explain the benefits really well. They also work hard to ensure that the product is selected, quality checked and priced to reward the loyal viewers, they trust QVC to ensure it is great value.

Finally they offer a fantastic money back guarantee, which anyone in direct sales will tell you helps get the product into customers hands at low risk to the consumer. So ensure your product works or it will come flying back to you!

Luckily Diet Chef and QVC have a great partnership, they are long term partners of ours and after 3 years I think I understand how they like to work.

I have to say I love the ability to explain our products on live TV for over an hour at a time, it is great for really understanding the product

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