Algo trading for TV buying?

Most marketplaces are now traded electronically, but TV remains in the dark ages within the UK with a series of humans within the supply chain.

The marketeer calls his agency, they produce a plan by calling the sales houses (Sky, C4 etc). Once a plan is agreed it goes back to the client for approval, then back to the agency to buy.

All this requires a massive amount of human intervention. There is a clear currency in the UK with BARB audience data, so measuring and paying for TV viewers is very simple in the UK.

It got me thinking about other markets that used to have lots of humans involved, probably the best example is financial markets. There was a huge amount of people historically involved in trading, now either executed by computers and incredibly fast! (see High Frequency Trading)

I see a big opportunity for some of the internet automated trading platforms to move into TV. A great example would be Rubicon who already trade ad units. I was really interested in the Q&A with the Telegraph’s Head of Programmatic Trading and Yield Optiisation (great title!).

Anyone out there thought about trading this way?

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