We need CircleUp in the UK!

Funding consumer brand companies is hard. It used to be the place of banks to provide some working capital funding but this has been closed for most of the last 5 years unless you are willing to provide extensive security (like cash!).

I have followed quite a few crowd funding platforms and most of them seem to be quite poorly executed, I was really surprised when I came across CircleUp, a relatively new crowd funding platform that focuses exclusively on consumer brands.

Having signed up I have noticed that they have closed pretty significant financing rounds for consumer companies in the US and I hope they will either extend to the UK or find someone who will do something similar.

There are lots of opportunities between the US and UK in consumer products, we speak the same language, like quite a lot of the same things and have seen lots of companies transition either from the US to UK (Ben and Jerry’s) or back again (Ella’s Kitchen for example).

What I love about consumer products is that your investors can also be your customers, which is unlikely to happen in the technology sector, they can also be strong advocates for the brand and bring fantastic connections.

So someone out there (or CircleUp) reach out and let’s find a way to get this done in the UK too please!)


3 thoughts on “We need CircleUp in the UK!

  1. Amanda Boyle

    Gee Kevin… how disappointing you couldn’t support a homegrown platform (and a fellow Exchange member!) Bloomvc.com has been doing for the UK exactly what you’re looking for for over a year. Take a look then get in touch 🙂

  2. kdorren

    HI Amanda, I am a big fan of crowd funding but this article was specifically around crowd funding for consumer product companies, which is an area Circle Up focus exclusively on.

  3. Wabi Sabi Ecofashionconcept

    Wonderful post!!

    I have an innovative eco fashion retail start-up business. We have been
    operating for 2 years now and I am currently looking for funding to help expand
    the business into new markets.

    Although we have won several international prizes, have received quite a lot of
    media attention, and have great monthly growth rates, finding companies willing
    to invest in retail in its early stages is a really hard task.

    I have seen so many opportunities for technology companies primarily because of
    the potential for winning big money relatively quickly with a small
    starting investment. To earn big money
    with a consumer focused brand business you need to invest more time and more
    money to start.

    I´m going to check out CircleUp.

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