I was talking last night at the Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust supper club and I was asked about SEO.

Over the last few years marketeers believe that the silver bullet is to get fantastic SEO results and effectively game Google. I personally disagree, firstly Google is setup to reward content that is highly relevant, has great traffic and is engaging to users, it’s algorithms are focused on this.

It’s business model is designed to allow you to find things easily online and if you want to jump the queue to get your product or service infront of consumers you need to PAY!

Hiring lots of smart kids to try and outsmart Google is a David v Goliath type activity. Their $285B market cap is supported by selling advertising and the amount of real estate dedicated to natural search results has reduced year on year.

The latest way to reduce the real estate is by Google Image Extensions (Philipp Klockner has a good article on how they work).

Diet Chef are testing these and here is what they look like in the flesh (pretty exciting!)


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