Measuring TV response by device

I am going to say it again – I Love TV!

Without getting too boring, I wanted to bring some new measurement metrics to the table that I have been thinking about in connection with TV measurement. Measurement of TV response should really be down to the demographic level but most people struggle to do that, although this is happening with the merger of public data on users and response data from TV ads.

I really want to see the response by device. Being able to slice and dice by device doesn’t seem important to many people but to me and lots of other e-commerce folks response by device is pretty important.

Many of the companies that I know have a different conversion rate by device and we could manage this with PPC campaigns historically but to enhance Google’s financial performance this has been removed and the knew ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ from Google bundle all devices together, no matter what the conversion rate.

I would like to split my response data by device to measure the relative effectiveness of driving different devices to our website. Perhaps C4 is better for Apple iPhones and Sky Living for Tablets, it would be interesting to understand!

If you are interested in mobile device adoption read this very cool presentation by Benedict Evans

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