Introductions to investors

There is a fantastic video of John Doerr on Pando Monthly that I would recommend you watch.

About 3 minutes in it talks about introductions to investors. Certainly in my experience a warm introduction from an entrepreneur or other investor to a VC is the most useful way in.

Typically if you mention someone that made the introduction to an VC you go to the top of the crammed email box. Remember investors have to put their money to work, they don’t want to invest in things that are in a process or doing the rounds but want to find a way into a deal that no one else in their community knows about.

I was lucky enough to get some fantastic introductions when I ran a technology company that was based in Scotland but had an office in Palo Alto. It was sometimes like meeting your heroes but after a few minutes you understood they were really just like you, speed dating to find a investment!

Entrepreneurs are another good source of introductions so use them too.

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