Powernap Review


Having met the guys from Powernap at a recent Espark event, they sent me a sample for my recent air travels (thanks guys!).

So here is my review.

I like the packaging that the powernap arrived in although I think it could be a little simpler message wise and ideally I would like to see either a label or see through panel so I can pick a colour of powernap in retail.

The concept reminds me of Slanket, a cosy fleece blanket that was a DRTV regular a few years ago (I love informercials, sorry!). But the simplicity of the powernap is much better concept. It doesn’t look quite so ridiculous as you would think, very comfortable and cleverly copes with either lefties or righties.

I think the retail price at £24.95 is too high personally, I think in all consumer products the price elasticity is an important factor and although consumers might pay this at travel retailers, I would expect for mass market retail it would need to be below £15. (ideally below £10).

Negatives is the lack of design of the scarf element, the workmanship needs improved and I would like the option of buying additional colours and design of scarfs (cashmere, harris tweed etc to push into a premium market – using airline analogy of first, business and economy for ranging these)

Finally I would offer a 5 year travel guarantee (I also love guarantees!) that we will replace your powernap free of charge (excluding P&P) if you register on our website. We can also put a RFID tag in the post to you to store your data if lost. This would also give you the chance to upsell and cross-sell directly.

But I love the concept, you saw it here first!

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