Make life easy for your customer, not you! #soviet union #supermarket #ussr #vintage photo

I have been debating a great deal about delivery and subscription models with a number of e-commerce startups.

There are lots of subscription based services out there and one flaw I see again and again is monthly delivery schedules. Taking my credit card and then not shipping the goods is one of the cardinal sins of retail in my book, you should always make availability, stock and fast shipping your top priorities.

It sounds like such a basic concept, but like the Soviet Union in the 1980s many e-commerce start-ups think they have such a powerful brand that they can dictate convenience for them to consumers.

I understand more than most the issue of handling a large number of SKU’s and predicting demand is complex and getting it wrong can be very costly, please put the customer at the heart of your proposition not your logistic demands!

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