Monthly Archives: April 2013

Private company investing

I read a lot of blog’s but my favourite blogger by far out there is Fred Wilson. Fred is a NY based VC that has blogged about just about anything for as long as I can remember.

If you are a startup type person it’s a great place for education, community and insight.

One recent post that really caught my attention was “Return and Ridicule” about investors following trends.

I have seen this a lot in the angel and venture community. Generally you need to invest in things that others can’t see the benefit in (yet!).

You need to see how a technology or consumer service would help people or have insight into a market changing. I was lucky enough to see this within Diet having worked supplying a number of retailers in the UK with diet products.

The shelves were changing, the “dieting” category changing from a retail based proposition to being driven by research online. Diet Chef was ideally placed in this area, but most of the manufacturers, retailers and in fact consumers didn’t see it.

We needed to educate them on the benefits of buying a diet programme online and have been lucky enough to build a successful growing business from this.

If you are investing in private early stage companies look for the perplexed looks on your associates faces when you tell them about it – you might be onto something 🙂