How to deal with second screens?

Well according to my data the shift in focus from PC to tablet and mobile continues at an outstanding pace during 2012.

THe transition for a DRTV advertiser has been difficult to keep up with, phone to online response and now online to mobile response. Why does that matter everyone keeps asking, here are a few reasons from me:


Cost per response was always the overarching measure of TV effectiveness, how much did it cost to generate a call or web visit. This was all fine when we accepted that conversion rates from DRTV probably outperformed other media. TV has a great ability to build trust, engage with the consumer and explain what you are selling.

Traditionally picking up the phone during your favourite soap or daytime programming showed quite a level of commitment, helping balance the costs of TV with the higher engagement and conversion rates.

The rise of the second screen had slashed the engagement argument, I quite often surf with the nearest device at hand (laptop, tablet or phone) to check out a TV prompted offer, but my engagement is very low.

I have the entire Internet in my hand so I can compare, be distracted by a great piece of engaging content or just get bored!

How we deal with touch points from specific devices is the only way to deal with these issues and in my market.

I don’t see mobile going anyway but up from a second screen point of view, so the time has come for DRTV to be measured at a much more granular basis.

I will work up a simple example of what this means to you as a TV advertiser over the next few days but here is an example of shift in usage.

I switched to using the BA app about 18 months ago and since then I have never printed a boarding pass out when flying BA. It has also probably increased my loyalty with BA as it makes the experience very easy, I don’t need toner in my printer, can check in at 5am when I get up and don’t have to start another device.

I can’t imagine myself ever going back to using a PC and paper for boarding passes unless forced to do so by the airline.

I don’t buy a lot on my phone yet and new products I have just discovered very infrequently but certainly in the 2-3 products per month (of perhaps 40 items I buy online) but every month this is increasing….

So TV advertisers need to really think about the traffic their campaigns are generating and segment the audiences and use case.

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