Daily Archives: August 24, 2012

Channel Choice

We all think that we know the channels that our consumers watch and try desperately to find relevant programming to allow us to advertise in the correct areas for maximum response.

The reality is that conventional wisdom in this area generally doesn’t always stand true. If you are a new advertiser to TV in the UK there are some great little tricks you can use to get initial effectiveness. A DRTV advertiser that is looking for good response needs to understand the trading environment in the UK for TV advertising – which is quite unique.

BARB is responsible for TV measurement in the UK, they achieve this by creating a statistically relevant panel of households (around 5,000) and install equipment in the rooms that TV is watched to record and register the things that are being watched. This is done through a peoplemeter, I have seen one of these working first hand and there are some nice features to handle audience measurement.

The major downside to this system is the increase in the number of digital channels over the years means that over a household spread of 5,000 people you are naturally going to favour the terrestrial channels. In some ways no one minds as this is actually the majority of the advertising and viewing audience anyway. But for a DRTV advertiser that means that there is a large number of channels that will report low audience figures that still work well from a response point of view as they do actually have people watching them (BARB just doesn’t think so!).

If you can find these stations you can achieve something that you could never achieve in other areas – frequency (we will talk about this later – the number of times an ad is shown on a station), low cost per spot and the final bonus is that the programming is probably based on low interest programming (perhaps old movies or repeats). This is a fantastic place for a DRTV advertiser to be, low interest, low cost programming!

There is of course some downsides, you will quickly saturate these channels but as a starting ground for DRTV tests they can produce some amazing results.

Unfortunately the UK is one of the only places to gain access to this airtime that is very low cost if not free!

Revision from this post is to turn on the TV and watch some channels like True Movies, Wedding TV and Movies4Men!