Daily Archives: August 21, 2012

Creative for TV

One of the major mistakes that e-commerce businesses that are moving into TV is within the creative category. They are forced by advertising agencies and creatives to shoot for clever, funny and expensive adverts.

The typical goal for more e-commerce businesses is to create a response or ideally a sale. There are a few basics I would suggest.

Explain your product

You know the key benefits of your product much better than most, so ensure that the majority of the advert is about the product and explaining the benefits. Avoid being too clever until you have really tested the creative well.


Usually new concepts need time to explain, shoot a 60’s advert first (in extreme cases a 120’s advert might be necessary). Then create a cut down for 30’s. Ensure that you test one against the other weighting the amount of airtime and spend evenly.

Call to action


Don’t be scared to keep the website address on the advert in a clear and readible size throughout the airing of the advert. Ideally also voice over the advert with someone reading out the website address at least once.

I thought I would include some examples of TV ads that although are nicely produced could work really much harder with some additions or perhaps reshoot them to explain the concept better.

Things for me that are missing:

1. Explain the concept of flight comparison – what is it?
2. Money – explain that you will save money which everyone wants to do
3. Add the URL throughout the advert
4. Not sure the link between plane spotters and me – think of the consumer at all times

All in all a little too clever and I would suggest that this would have driven some awareness but would not have driven a huge amount of traffic to the website.

I thought I would compare this to Kayak, both in the same sector and both 30s adverts.

In the advert how many times is the audio repeating the web address. We must consider that we do not consume TV purely when sitting down watching it, we also have it on during other activities (ironing, surfing the web, telling the kids to go to bed!)