Daily Archives: August 19, 2012

As seen on TV

Following on from my recent post I thought I would create a few blog posts on TV advertising for web based businesses (specifically I will focus on UK businesses and their needs).

Most web businesses tend to use PPC (online advertising) and SEO as the main channels to recruit customers. Typically most of this volume comes through Google and if you can run a business successfully without having to break out of this media then well done!

Many of us reach a level of saturation when recruiting good Life Time Value (LTV) customers on the web. We can still recruit more but the law of diminishing returns kicks in and we start to be investing quite large amounts of money for small numbers of new customers.

If you are in a sector that major brands are doing the advertising for you this is normally different, but if you are creating or competing in a new area then it is hard to just hijack traffic based on brand name searches.

We then typically look at lots of other channels such as word of mouth, social and then look at more broadcast channels such as TV and radio.

So what I thought I might do in this mini series if look at the basic building blocks of TV campaign (specifically a DRTV campaign) to try and recruit customers.

For me the major building blocks are:

Creative (the actual advert). We need to think about length (30′ sec/60′ sec), approach and messaging in the advert. Also response device – typically a web address, but sometimes a phone number or text response.

Channel choice – What channels might work really well without any measurement data

Daypart – What time of day do you need to advertise

Measurement – how will I measure success.

Over the next few weeks I will try and look at some creative examples that I think suck and some that are clear and work really well. In my opinion some of the most fundamental mistakes are made with the creative that then results in “TV doesn’t work” statements from management teams.

Homework from this post is to write down the top 5 PPC campaigns (apart from people searching on your brand) that work. If you can write a winning PPC advert in Google you probably can make a great TV advert. Don’t try and do much more than the basics!