Working with young “entrepreneurs”

I have been very lucky to be introduced to lots of very experienced business people. Although they might be classified as “entrepreneurs” they usually have quite safe, successful businesses and are more risk averse than you would think (they have more to lose!)

There is nothing more exciting for me than to meet someone with little more than an idea and the drive and passion to risk everything (usually meaning not a lot) to try and make that idea a business.

I have historically tried to back people that have this gem of an idea with either advice, money or contacts to allow them to be successful and I think we should make both financial and time commitments to do this without any requirements to get a “slice of the pie”.

I do believe strongly in helping if I can and the easy thing is to write a cheque, the harder thing is to give up some time. My 2012 mission is to try and help more people who want to start businesses, profit, not for profit or social.

My big challenge is I truly understand the plight of a small team or individual with an business idea but less so a social idea, so my personal challenge is to find someone in the third sector that I can relate to and build a meaningful cause/business with.

Tough challenge I think!

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