Plural v Singular

There is many of my friends and business associates that go “plural” at some point in their career. Many become non executive directors of a number of companies and also invest in many of these companies.

I personally slightly struggle with this idea and perhaps it is my life stage but also really like the idea of staying singular. Focus is one of the key ways to succeed, and many companies or executives I have seen fail is partly apportioned to lack of focus.

In terms of governance non executives can provide a good level of support to shareholders and executives in businesses and provide help, advice and contacts, but most real business success I have seen is through single minded focus on an area and obsession about improving the product or service in that area.

For me I thing “going singular” has more risk, but spreading the risk by splitting your focus over lots of businesses seems more risky to me!

So if you plan to work on an area either personally or through an investment – get a singularly focused team and back them.

As Andrew Carnegie said – “Put all your eggs in one basket and watch the basket!”

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