Monthly Archives: January 2008

Hubdub: if Digg Were a Stock Market

Here is some of the press coverage coming out this morning about Huddub launching at DEMO today

“Hubdub is another wisdom of the crowds tool, launching today at DEMO. Once a user decides to create a question around a topic, they have to cite a source for hubdub to follow. After that user has submitted a story to be discussed, the actual crowd wisdom comes into play when users begin voting on the direction in which a story will go.”

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News ‘forecaster’ makes headlines at prizegiving

Extract from the Scotsman 

“A online news forecaster that allows people to follow their favourite news stories has been judged the best business idea in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

A team from Edinburgh University won the Business Gateway prize for Hubdub, which tracks major news stories and allows users to predict how they will turn out.”