Monthly Archives: October 2007

Cambridge here we come

We decided to pop into Cambridge today since there was work taking place on the Central Line.

Wow, we had a great day, we started off with lunch in La Tasca and then moved on to a gentle walk down the river. We managed to find an interesting boat trip and avoided punting our way down the river on the Rosie a barge that seemed to be the “punters” worst enemy.

Back in Loughton we had dinner with Ron, Rachel and Peht which was great and it’s off to Legoland on Monday. Wow its action packed.

Its a long day on the Central Line!

Wow, having enjoyed some scrambled eggs in Cafe Rouge in Loughton this morning we have moved into London to get some culture.

Wow, we started at the Tate Modern that was immense with great exhibits (exclude the bricks – all 120 of them) we had a great time. Lunch on the South Bank with Pizza, Salad and fun, a quick trip to Hamleys and then back on the Central line for a hot and packed trip back to Loughton.

Rachel and Ron are off (we should have been there too but DJ was struggling) for Dinner in Canary Wharf while I am left at home uploading these photos of the day.

Time for bed now – see you on Saturday