Monthly Archives: August 2007

Nethy Bridge near Aviemore

We have been doing well on focusing our SEO work on getting Saddleback Cottage further up the ranks.

We are now on page 1 of google for “nethybridge” and “nethy bridge” but part of my world domination plan is to increase the interest to accommodation searchers looking at the major local accommodation hub in Aviemore.

I have done this by adding “near Aviemore” to the title and adding some specific content relating to Aviemore in the site. Cottage holiday near Aviemore.

The plan is to move up from non existent to somewhere on searches for Aviemore accommodation.

Lets see what happens over the coming months.

The SEO work has been a great success and the booking costs for this year’s holiday makers haven’t been too expensive even though it has been focused on PPC for most of this year.

Back to school – hip hip hooray

Its back to school today, I remember never sleeping well the night before going back to school but Freyja and DJ seem OK about it!

DJ has a new calculator and has been following me around since 7am asking me sums so he can calculate them.. He is totally amazed when I get some of them right!

So that’s the summer holidays over for another year and its just time to look forward to September and October breaks.