Holiday ahhh…..

It’s day 1 of our holiday at Nethybridge this year. We are here for 2 weeks and we thought that it was going to be a scorcher this year – not so far!

We have really enjoyed cutting the grass, cleaning the house and generally lazing around. There was a mammoth Monopoly game today which Freyja and Claire won and enjoyed repossesing all out our houses, property and cards. It has been rainy but not too bad.

It’s great to relax a little here and enjoy time not doing much. We have cooked and eaten a huge amount so far so we will have to try the Go Lower diet box when we get back from holiday.

The carbon diet has been suspended while on holiday – although we only drove 250 miles to get here and didn’t get on a plane so i think our carbon footprint won’t show up in comparison with most people that I know that have flown off a couple of hours minimum for some relaxation.

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