Carbon Diet Day 3

As a “carbon diet champion”, I have thrown out a pile of high carbon habits that I had stored in my cupboard this weekend. This is no different from any other diet I have been on, it will be tough to manage the conflict between consumer freedom and restriction. On a typical diet, you feel that you are losing something, but I think on my carbon diet I will just change my habits rather than removing carbon completely (as if we could!). So it’s a balanced low carbon diet not an extreme crash carbon diet!

So first small steps taken this week:

1. Took the train. In fact I got the train for only £10 from Aviemore to Edinburgh, I had Wi-Fi all the way (all the way would be defined as intermittently!). Did work and enjoyed the relaxation of travelling by train.

2. Bus – I live in Morningside, it is so well served by buses it’s embarassing to not take them to work. I work in Leith so I can get a bus outside my house and within 30 minutes (in rush hour) be at my office, quicker than taking the car.

3. Turned the tap off – I know its a bit corny but my daughter Freyja has been looking at the impact of environmental change at school (she is only 9) and she has given me a lecture about leaving the tap running – I have changed this habit this week and stuck with it!

So Day 3 and 3 changes – small steps I know but what have you done?

Oh and if you want a regular diet – we launched our Go Lower diet today check out the new website at

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