Monthly Archives: June 2007

Carbon Footprint

There is a lot in the news today about reductions in Scotland our carbon footprint and our impact on climate change.

The issue is we can do our bit but it will not save the world from climate change. If Russia, China, US and India do not get on the road to control emissions then our efforts will not make much difference. Of course, we must lead the way and show that we are a developed country that can be used as an example for others to follow.

So why not start monitoring our carbon footprint, that’s my plan from 1st July 2007. Not only is the company I work for going on a big push to convince consumers that they should diet with us, but I am going on a carbon diet from 1st July!

Keep up with my progress here.

Ian Pozniak 40th Birthday

OK, its been a year and a bit since Noel had his 40th Birthday in Las Vegas (how cool was that). So we are now heading to Amsterdam for Ian P’s 40th. It is going to be a tough weekend of drinking and partying. So will report back if I have the will left to write a few lines.

Happy Birthday Ian!

Sleeping Queens

The weekend camping trip was a great success – weather wasn’t roasting but it was pleasant all weekend and the kids really enjoyed mucking around playing football, rounders and cricket. The dads really enjoyed letting the kids have total freedom to run around!!

Anyway one of the suprise hits of the weekend was Sleeping Queens it was a great hit.