Viral – taken too far

We have been discussing Viral Marketing today, it is a well trodden road with lots of ad agencies, video cameras and car crashes along the way. There is certainly a lot to be said for increasing the brand reputation through using word of mouth and viral marketing can really help do this.

The big problem is that ad agencies all think that viral marketing is about taking a funny, clever ad and posting it to YouTube, Google Video etc. and waiting and that was probably the case when they began to emerge. The big problem now is the first thing people say is “let’s create a viral marketing campaign” which usually means “lets create a quick, cheap and ill conceived ad and stick it online”.

Someone in the office pointed to a well respected Edinburgh ad agency The Union and said let’s go to speak to them. So having browsed their portfolio I stumbled across their video – I have to say too much detail for my liking!! – Ezeedog

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