The Somme version II!

Trench War!

Originally uploaded by Kevin Dorren.

We used to have a lovely holiday cottage in the Highlands, it was nearing completion finishing touches and painting of an odd fence or two was in order. Our first weekend of peace and quiet and enjoyment after 18 months of planning, building control, builders, architects and drainage issues.
So when we arrived and found a new battlefront had been dug into the nearly finished landscaping for a water, drain and electricity cable to be installed our chins hit the floor. It would have been too much to ask for the JCB driver to remember where he dug the original water pipe in just 2 months ago, so lets all dig the garden up again to find a suitable site!!
Arggh….so after a few hours of digging the knocking on the door asked for the electricity cable – where was it they asked!! I wasn’t even in charge of this – but don’t worry its in Elgin it will be here over the next few weeks.!!
I won’t post any pictures of the new landscaping but just point out that DJ was very excited about the opportunity to re-enact the Somme at Nethybridge

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