Page 4!

Well, slowly, slowly catchy monkey – we have moved up to page 4 of Google by adding a few more links and improving the site a little. This is in approximately 2 weeks by adding a sitemap and changing the header in the main page on Nethybridge from Saddleback Cottage. I have to thank Andrew who I have known for a number of years for his daily SEO tips. He is now working for Go Lower and we are all very excited about the pending launch of our Diet with Go Lower ‘box’ launching very soon!

This weekend we are spending our first for a number of weeks at Nethy Bridge(thanks to a large extended family we have lots of requests to stay!).

The grass is coming in on the lawn which is great but the weeds are also sprouting so we need to get some gardening done today.

I will take some pictures and post on Flickr later today. It’s 6.46am on Saturday morning and we must get some blinds!

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